An expert team for your Climate Strategy


Our team, composed of business consultants and emission reduction experts, makes Carbonsink a unique partner capable to, in one hand, developing business strategies to measure and mitigate emissions, and on the other, implementing emission reduction projects in developing countries, integrated into the companies' production chains.

Carbonsink has become a leading consulting company in Italy, and an internationally recognized entity, regarding climate risk management and project development in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Andrea Maggiani
Managing Director

Alessandro Bosi
Managing Director

Guido Alfani
General Manager

Antonio Guiso
Climate Project Manager

Ulla Mauno
Climate Project Manager

Tania Cencetti
Nature-based Solutions Manager

Alessandra Soresina
Wildlife Biologist - REDD+ Expert

Rubens Bernascone
Sales Manager

Francesco Taddei
Sales Manager

Daniele Carbonin
Senior Consultant

Blanca Moreno
Climate Change Consultant

Ernesto Gonnella
Climate Project Officer

Camilla Pollini
Communication Officer

Simona Pecchioli
Senior Scientific Officer

Silvia Pecora
Responsabile Amministrativa

Antonio Di Silvestro
Programme Manager

Aldina Sindique
Mozambique Country Representative

Viola Stefanizzi
Junior Climate Project Officer

Martina Margari
Junior Climate Project Officer

Gianluca Persia
Junior Climate Project Officer

Crimilda Zandamela
Mozambique administrative officer

Telma Alberto Alage
Mozambique Field Expert

Alessandro Maggiani
Administration Officer

Francesco Ferrini
Academic Relations Director

Edgardo Giordani
Tropical Agroforestry Expert