The Climate Risk perception of the companies listed on FTSE MIB

The catastrophic effects deriving from the climate changes have never been so evident and worrying sea levels are rising; the oceans acidification is accelerating; one million animal and plant species are in danger of extinction; the last 4 years were the hottest on record. The climate change environmental footprint can be easily measured, and it is clear for all to see, but to this day, the impact that the climate change can have on the economy is not taken into account with the same attention and awareness.

In this scenario, the global and collective answer for the fight against the climate change is vital and more urgent than ever. This is why the action of the private sector should not be delayed any longer.

In order to properly evaluate the risks and the opportunities deriving from the climate change, it is important to have a robust and consistent reporting which allows companies and investors to better understand the financial consequences associated to climate changes.


Report 2019