Climate Bonds

Un Climate Bond può essere considerato un'estensione del concetto di Green Bond, emessi al fine di aumentare i finanziamenti per un'ampia varietà di progetti di sostenibilità ambientale.I Climate Bond invece, sono emessi con obiettivi più elevati per raccogliere finanziamenti per l'adattamento e la mitigazione dei cambiamenti climatici. Vengono utilizzati per finanziare o rifinanziare progetti necessari per affrontare i cambiamenti climatici (costruzioni di centrali solari o idroelettriche, parchi eolici, trasporti ferroviari sostenibili ecc.)

Promote the spread of Climate Bonds in the Italian market as useful financial tools for mitigating climate change and the concrete opportunity of the private sector to show a concrete environmental commitment and an effective Climate Action.

Climate Bond Partnership


Carbonsink can guide and support your company to verify if the necessary requirements exist for the creation of a Climate Bond that respects the CBI guidelines.

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Our support

Carbonsink is responsible for guiding and supporting companies interested in Climate Bonds, through an "Assetsscreening" (Technical Assessment) to verify if the necessary requirements exist for the creation of a Climate Bond that respects the CBI guidelines.

The role of Carbonsink continues even once the bond has been issued on the market through the annual monitoring report, to verify how the capital has been used by the issuer and verify the impact in terms of emissions. Carbonsink reinforces the contribution of each individual investment compared to the Paris agreement, which proposes to maintain the increase in the average global temperature well below 2° C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Technical Assessment

Sector criteria assessment: Carbonsink will make a technical review of assets and facilities owned by the potential issuers based on the standards designed by the Climate Bonds Institute.
Definition of risks and opportunities for a Climate Bond based on technical assessment.

Assesment - Climate Bonds
Green line - Climate Bonds

Pre Issuance

CBI evaluates the financial feasibility of the Bond after the Technical Assessment.
CBI evaluates potential investors.
CBI guarantees that the Issuer is in line with the Standard and the Certification.

Pre Issuance - Climate Bonds

Issuance & Post Issuance

CBI provides with all the necessary support for issuing a Climate Bond.
Regular management of the Climate Bonds issued.

Monitoring & Reporting

Carbonsink monitors progress through a series of previously identified Key.
Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Carbonsink is committed to the preparation of an annual report able to show the progress achieved, the CO2 emissions avoided thanks to the investment and a performance dashboard of the main KPIs selected.

Monitor and Reporting - Climate Bonds

Carbonsink the partner in Italy of Climate Bonds Initiative

Carbonsink believes that Climate Finance should be considered an indispensable tool for accelerating climate action and making progress on risks and opportunities associated with climate change, and is therefore proud to sign a partnership with Climate Bond Initiative (CBI), the association London non-governmental organization that has become the leader and reference point for the green bond sector, and the main institution focused exclusively on investors to deal with climate mitigation.

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Climate Bonds Partner