CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project

CDP (ex Carbon Disclosure Project) is the global disclosure system for managing the environmental impacts of the private sector, the most important and widespread reporting system capable of providing environmental information and data to investors and the market.

CDP questionnaires help the private sector to communicate effectively their strategies for measuring emissions and managing the risks and opportunities associated with the effects of climate change. CDP is a tool available to companies to set their climate strategy and to compare themselves with companies in their sector even at an international level. The questionnaire is divided into different reporting sections in analogy with the thematic areas recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD) e relative a governance, business strategy, gestione di rischi e opportunità, definizione di target e rendicontazione di metriche legate al cambiamento climatico.

CDP currently has three different types of thematic questionnaires to which companies can answer:

Climate Change Questionnaire

Reporting of GHG emissions, energy consumption, an approach to climate risk and the presence of any reduction targets are required.

Water Security Questionnaire

Existing and future water risk assessment, water management strategy and other information on water use.

Forests Questionnaire

Evaluation of activities/materials related to deforestation(timber, palm oil, cattle and soy products etc.).


As Silver Accredited Solutions Provider CDP in Italy, Carbonsink helps companies improve the compilation of the CDP questionnaire, assessing the climate risk of the company both at a strategic and operational level.

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Why is reporting important?

Competitiveness: Companies that demonstrate transparency and a strong commitment in the fight against climate change are more competitive and able to anticipate future business opportunities
Visibility: CDP is an important database used by financial markets and leading sector analysts; the CDP scoring methodology is aligned with the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Regulatory risk: the CDP remains a voluntary instrument to date but anticipates possible future legislative obligations, in a European context in which Directive 2014/95/EU starting from 01/01/2018 already obliges large companies to communicate information of a non-financial, including environmental impact
New markets: Companies that want to operate on a global market must demonstrate to their customers that they are ready to respond to increasingly stringent environmental and climate policies.

Our support

Carbonsink has been CDP's partner in Italy in Climate Change Reporting since 2017. As an accredited CDP partner in Italy, Carbonsink helps companies improve the compilation of the CDP questionnaires, assessing the company's climate risk both at a strategic and operational level.

The objective is to facilitate the use of the CDP reporting system regardless of the Company's level of preparation and to support the organization during the data collection and compilation of the questionnaire, at the same time facilitating all those activities useful for improving its strategy on climate as well as its CDP score.

Carbonsink has therefore decided to adopt different approaches and strategies according to the level of preparation of the company, also sustaining and supporting those companies which have never operated any disclosure, helping them in defining an ad hoc climate strategy that allows to communicate the 'concrete commitment to climate change and obtain a leading position / leadership in non-financial reporting and sustainability indices.


Through the examination of any previous questionnaires and the identification of sections that can improve in scoring.


To contextualize the company's answers with respect to industry best practices and to make the most of any specific questions posed by the questionnaire.


Throughout the various sections of the questionnaire in coordination with the company and in line with public or internally available documents.


In order to ensure the best reporting of the initiatives and actions in place at the company on the subject of climate change.


Through the detailed analysis of each section of the questionnaire and the simulation of the score obtained according to the CDP evaluation methodology.

Carbonsink Accredited Solutions Provider CDP 2020

Carbonsink confirms itself for the fourth consecutive year Silver Climate Change Consultancy Solutions Providers CDP, offering an important range of services on the main problems linked to the issue of sustainability that allows companies to integrate their climate impact into strategic decisions.

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