Climate Risk Reporting

Climate Risk Reporting can help reduce the time and effort it takes you to generate information to meet CDP’s requirements

What CDP is asking through its questionnaire?

Working on behalf of institutional investors, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) requests companies to disclose their climate change risks, carbon emissions and water use information.This initiative is also supported by the “Ministero dell’Ambiante ” to encourage Italian companies to disclose their non-financial data to drive their sustainability journey toward a low-carbon economy.

What is required from companies?

Companies use sustainability reporting frameworks such as CDP to communicate their sustainability performance to stakeholders. This is important as investors and financial institutions are placing increasing emphasis on assessing and including climate change risks within their investment decisions.

Carbonsink’s role

As the exclusive CDP Partner in Italy, Carbonsink can support you to prepare a comprehensive CDP submission.To maximise the benefits of CDP disclosure, understanding the risks and impacts of climate change on your business is vital as well as accurately measuring carbon emissions, from across your entire value chain.

This can include assessing and quantifying climate risks at both a strategic and operational level across the organisation, calculating emissions from your operations as well as providing overall support.

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