Emission Reduction Certificate

Using carbon credits to voluntary offset the emission

The priority in a corporate climate strategy is increasing action on climate change and close the gap on the global warming goal of a two degree.

Corporates can act today to support the transition to a low carbon economy implementing their carbon strategy and set ambitus targets. Using carbon credits to voluntary offset the emission that are not able to reduce is one of the solutions to improve the commitment on climate change.

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere.

Business strategies to mitigate CO2 emissions

Carbonsink offer the highest quality Verified Emission Reduction sourced directly from our carbon projects that we are developing with our local partners worldwide.

All our projects are design to support local communities and to improve life and guaranties social and economic benefits.

Carbonsink carbon credits portfolio fulfil the highest quality criteria as defined by ICROA code of best practices and UNFCCC.

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Carbonsink is the partner for the emission reduction strategy of a company. We develop our projects with our clients in the respect of international standards with the goal to improve the reputation and the commitment for the business world with the result of transforming a risk into opportunity.

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Sustainable Development Goals
SDG - Sustainable Development Goals
ICROA - International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance IETA - International Emissions Trading Association Climate Check

Competitive advantage


Carbonsink credits are guaranteed by the most recognized carbon standards such as Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard and United Nations (Clean Development Mechanisms, CDM)


All carbon credits (CERs-VERs) are accessible and issued in the international registries such as Markit


All the projects are developed by our carbon credits team, specialized since 2009 in the development and management of carbon projects.


Our projects not only helpthe climate, but also strongly support the key SDGs supported by the United Nations such as access to affordable energy, poverty reduction, access to clean water and protect life on land and forestry and many others.


All projects are developed to improve the international cooperation across different sectors and to support the adoption of clean technologies and new business model in last developing countries.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Gold Standard - Climate Security & Sustainable Development VCS -  Vineyard Conservation Society