Webinar "Science-Based Targets from A to Z"

Milan, 23 February 2021 - "Science-Based Targets from A to Z" is the webinar organized by Carbonsink to talk about the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and the importance of setting a decarbonisation target in line with science. The webinar takes place on Thursday 11 March from 11 am to 12 noon.

Carbonsink is the first "CDP Silver Partner" to offer SBT services in Italy, thanks to its long collaboration with CDP. Carbonsink supports Italian companies in defining emission reduction targets and strategies, managing climate-related risks and opportunities, and ensuring effective climate action, in line with climate science and net-zero transition.

During the webinar, speakers explain the main innovations of the SBT initiative, why adopting Science-Based Targets is so essential for companies, and how companies have become fundamental to decarbonise our economies and achieve the Paris climate goals.

With this webinar, Carbonsink intends to clarify the main requirements for joining the Science-based Targets Initiative and illustrate the pathways a company has to follow to translate the goal of limiting global warming into an emission reduction target.

The webinar intends to offer companies a hands-on opportunity for discussion and learning. Participants have the chance to "co-create" the path by participating in a pre-event survey.


Introduction - Guido Alfani, Carbonsink General Manager

"SBTs as a symbol of climate leadership" - Elena Stecca, Associate Director Commit to Action CDP

"Science-Based Targets from A to Z" - Filippo Gambardella, Senior Consultant Carbonsink.


Moderated by Rubens Bernascone, Carbonsink Sales Manager.


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Webinar "Science-Based Targets from A to Z"