Webinar - Carbon Pricing: a strategic tool for companies

Carbon pricing is becoming a fundamental tool for defining a business strategy linked to risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

Carbonsink in collaboration with Bureau Veritas, world leader in the verification, assessment and analysis of risks in the areas of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and Social Responsibility, organizes a Webinar dedicated entirely to Carbon Pricing.

The initiative scheduled for Tuesday, July 3, from 11.00 to 12.00, has the main objective of bringing the private sector closer to the new regulations on reducing environmental impact and making it aware of the importance of always looking for new solutions to reduce its own exposure to the risks associated with climate change.

Respond to the challenges of climate change

Driven by an increasing concern for the risks linked to climate change, companies must be able to respond concretely to the reduction targets necessary for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The European regulation, the ETS (Emission Trading System), on which the EU's policy to combat climate change is based is an essential tool to economically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and has undoubtedly initiated the transition low carbon but the so-called voluntary market has presented new and important opportunities.

But the great challenge to climate change has forced the business world, and not only, to re-evaluate and imagine again (and differently) the role of voluntary offset, essential to generate the necessary funding for climate protection and to make a real contribution to sustainable development goals.

This was confirmed by initiatives such as CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project, the initiative also supported by the Italian Ministry of the Environment to encourage the private sector to embark on a sustainable economic path; demonstrating that today more and more investors and financial institutions tend to assess the inclusion of risks related to climate change in company policies.


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Andrea Maggiani
, Managing Director, Carbonsink
Luca Leonardi
, Certification Division, Sustainability Sector Energy Services Leader

Participation in the webinar is free and registrations are open until Friday 29 June 2018. After registration, data will be provided to access the webinar.

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Webinar - Carbon Pricing: a strategic tool for companies