Webinar "Carbon Neutral Product: from theory to practice"

Milan February 16, 2021 - "Carbon Neutrality of product: from theory to practice" is the webinar organized by Carbonsink on Wednesday 24 February from 11.00 to 12.00, to talk about the new Carbon Neutral Product Label.

The Carbon Neutrality of a product is a strategic activity for positioning among the leading companies in the fight against climate change and to meet the growing needs of consumers. Consumers are increasingly aware and interested in the environmental impact of their purchasing choices, and want to be able to access data and information on the product purchased quickly and easily.

Carbonsink is able to support the company in all the steps necessary to obtain the Carbon Neutrality of the product and to provide companies with a label capable of giving value to the achievement of this goal, in compliance with the requirements established by the main standards. of reference. The label also helps consumers understand the process that led the product to balance its emissions.

During the webinar we will illustrate the path that a company must take to obtain the "carbon neutral" label respecting the main reference standards and how to communicate it to its stakeholders and consumers.


Introduction - Andrea Maggiani, Managing Director Carbonsink

"How to reduce the environmental impact of your products and obtain the Carbon Neutral label" - Daniele Carbonin, Senior Consultant Carbonsink


Moderated by Rubens Bernascone, Carbonsink Sales Manager


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Webinar "Carbon Neutral Product: from theory to practice"