"Together we win the challenge to Climate Change": Carbonsink protagonist on Wall Street Italy

Andrea Maggiani tells how the company specializing in strategic consulting on climate change management helps Italian companies.

The rise in temperatures, the increase in population and the exhaustion of global resources together with the ever-increasing demand from customers and stakeholders for sustainable products and services and green certifications, which push companies, including Italian ones, to adapt the business model to the new challenges related to climate change, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

A transformation that is not just an opportunity but a question of competitiveness over time. And it is here that Carbonsink enters the field, helping the most important Italian companies to identify and implement a business model that wins the challenge of fighting climate change. Given the importance of this role in the journey that the whole planet is making towards sustainability, we asked Andrea Maggiani, Managing Director of the company, to tell us how Carbonsink is a guide and support for companies on this virtuous path.

How do you help Italian companies win the challenge of fighting climate change?

"Carbonsink studies and develops climate change mitigation strategies for the main Italian companies, mostly listed on Piazza Affari. In practice, we support companies in managing CO2 emissions making them an opportunity for development, through change mitigation strategies climate measures tailored to reduce, as far as possible, the quantity of greenhouse gases produced. I want to underline that we are the only Italian company that is a specialist in all aspects related to the mitigation strategy according to the reduction target "

More generally, what is the contribution that Carbonsink makes to the development and achievement of a more sustainable world?

"With our action at the major Italian companies we provide a real contribution to the fight against climate change and the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Wanting to give an example, one of the tools we use to promote sustainable development is carbon credits Also this year we renewed the exclusive partnership for Italy for the international non-profit organization Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) .I want to remind you that this is the most important environmental reporting system on greenhouse gas emissions. of the private sector ".

Which are the specific needs to which you respond?

"Companies come to us with the need to effectively manage the theme of Climate Change, which is felt to be very important both on the risk front and on that of the targets to be reached. We respond with a concrete strategy, as real specialists on the subject of climate change In several cases companies are driven by ever-increasing legislation on issues related to climate change in other cases - many in truth - are stimulated by their shareholders, often institutional investors who are very sensitive to the issue of corporate sustainability and therefore require concrete actions to the companies on which they invest financially ".

And how do you come up with a solution for companies?

"The integrated approach used by Carbonsink allows us to always offer them the most suitable climate strategy with respect to the business of reference of each individual company, in order to guide it in a path of continuous improvement, what we call 'climate action loop' to reach Challenging objectives such as carbon neutrality: this is a well-defined path, which allows the achievement of increasingly important objectives and whose starting point is the analysis of the client's business, the assessment, to identify characteristics and development perspectives regarding to climate change mitigation strategies ".

What are the next steps?

"At this point, we move on to identifying the sources of direct emissions, associated with the activities within the company and the mapping of indirect emissions, linked to the supply chain, with the aim of defining risk factors and exposure to change. This step leads to defining credible targets for the reduction of impacts, the so-called "science based targets", and then to the creation of concrete ad hoc business programs and contributing to the mitigation of climate change through solutions aimed at reducing or neutralizing the most difficult emissions to trace and reduce ".

What is the strategy called carbon neutrality?

"Carbonsink is the only Italian company internationally accredited in developing CO2 emission reduction projects capable of generating certified carbon credits with the main international standards. We directly develop positively impacting projects that generate carbon credits in Africa, Asia and America Latina, to offer our customers concrete actions and solutions for their strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ".

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We thank the Wall Street Italy team for the precious opportunity. A special thanks to Fabrizio Guidoni who dealt with the interview with Andrea Maggiani and the drafting of the article.

"Together we win the challenge to Climate Change": Carbonsink protagonist on Wall Street Italy