The Made Green in Italy Brand

A step towards the affirmation of a sustainable economic model also in our country, thanks to the approval by the Ministry of the Environment of the regulation on the environment to promote measures of green economy and to limit the excessive use of nature reserves, to protect and safeguarding our territory.

The adoption of this innovative regulation provides for the establishment of the voluntary national scheme for the assessment and communication of the environmental footprint of products, called "Made Green in Italy", in order to promote the competitiveness of the Italian production system in the context of the growing demand for products with high environmental qualifications on national and international markets.

Italian excellence becomes sustainable

Greater protection for Made in Italy’s products and in line with the emergence of an economy that makes environmental sustainability a real business opportunity.

Made Green in Italy has the main objective of aligning Italy with the increasingly strong demand for sustainable products and companies on international markets. It provides for the promotion of innovative technologies able to guarantee a substantial reduction of the environmental impact in the life cycle of a product; the strengthening of the "made green in Italy" brand and the image of all those Italian productions that consider environmental quality and social sustainability; and above all information and awareness of a new model of long-term sustainable production throughout the country.

Nowadays the topic of sustainability has assumed an ever-greater importance also for consumers, aware of the transformation caused by the climate changes that is transforming our planet, companies must absolutely meet the needs of consumers and place sustainable products on the market and above all made with a production cycle with low environmental impact.

Reduce your environmental impact

The "Made Green in Italy" arrangement is part of the process of promoting a sustainable business model and a concrete contrast to climate change, promoted by the Ministry in 2011 with "Programma per la valutazione dell’impronta ambientale dei prodotti/servizi/organizzazioni".

Reducing the environmental impact of a company means aligning itself with international climate agreements that underline the fundamental role of the private sector in the fight against Climate Change; the identification of direct emission sources, associated with a company's internal activities and the mapping of indirect emissions, linked to the supply chain, has the objective of defining the risk factors and exposure to climate change.

The amount of GHGs emissions into the atmosphere is one of the main causes of current climate change. Every single company contributes daily to the increase in the amount of gas and greenhouse affection: measuring and monitoring carbon dioxide emissions offers a great opportunity to gain awareness of the impact we generate on the environment.

The Made Green in Italy Brand