The central role of the Carbon Offset in the fight against Climate Change: WWF' guide

"With global attention increasingly focused on significant responses to the climate crisis, one of the most frequent questions concerns the role that voluntary carbon markets can play in mitigating climate change and achieving climate neutrality. This document describes in detail the WWF's position on voluntary carbon markets and provides recommendations for companies interested in purchasing carbon credits "- the World Wildlife Fund thus presents a new guide dedicated to the role of the Carbon Offset in the fight against climate change.

The drive to create this new document was born precisely to support all those companies that want to undertake an effective and long-term climate strategy, offering a valid guide to the voluntary market and the use of carbon credits.

The WWF position - reads the document - serves to provide the necessary advice to its business partners on the role of carbon credits in corporate climate strategies, while developing a broader position on what it really means to be "net-zero emissions "and the steps needed to get there.

WWF believes that the purchase of high quality carbon credits recognized by international standards can be an effective tool for companies to contribute to their climate objectives when such purchases are part of a broader climate strategy to reduce the its environmental impact.

The guide also contains important considerations about the adequacy of certain commonly used wordings and statements, this includes explanations of why the use of the terms "carbon / climate neutral", "offsetting" and "net-zero" that often can lead to misleading statements. . WWF therefore advises companies to pay more attention when using these terms.

That there are substantial economic and development benefits deriving from climate action, businesses have understood this but we certainly need stronger climate action capable of accelerating the transition towards a zero carbon economy in all sectors . Companies wishing to undertake a "neutralization" or "compensation" path of emissions must rely on experts capable of developing together with the company the realization of the best strategy for achieving climate neutrality in line with international climate agreements and standards.

Our Carbon Project Manager, Antonio Guiso, commented on the new WWF publication, underlining how Carbon Offset has always played a central role in the Carbonsink business to accompany companies in defining and implementing a climate strategy.

"We have always been committed to offering our customers a very high quality service to support their" net-zero emissions "objectives, for this reason we have chosen Gold Standard for the certification of our projects. Gold Standard is universally recognized as the standard of the voluntary market of the highest quality carbon, able to offer carbon credits with greater added value.International organizations such as the WWF, support Gold Standard certified projects and recognize a fundamental role in the concrete support to the fight against climate change and development sustainable."

"Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Carbonsink has become a leader in the development of projects for the mitigation of climate change, every single phase of the project is monitored in order to always guarantee compliance with quality standards and correct measurement and certification of emissions reduction of CO2eq, helping the company to reduce its environmental impact while contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the local communities where the project is implemented, guaranteeing social, economic and environmental benefits on a global scale. "

See the guide -> "WWF's Position On Voluntary Carbon Markets"

The central role of the Carbon Offset in the fight against Climate Change: WWF' guide