SBT officially approves the A2A decarbonisation target

Another Italian company joins the 343 companies worldwide that have obtained validation of their targets from the Science Based Target initiative.

A2A, one of the largest and most important Italian multiutilities, is the third company in our country to officially enter the SBT list of those who have decided to make their decarbonisation objectives more ambitious by aligning with the trajectory of 2 ° C defined by COP21 and the 'Paris climate agreement over the next decade.

Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi) - an initiative born from the collaboration between CDP, UNGC, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the WWF - to verify the alignment of the decarbonisation targets of companies with the indications of the Agreement Paris (COP21).

SBTi was born with the intention of guiding companies in the definition of ambitious targets for climate change mitigation to ensure that their strategy is in line with scientific objectives.

In particular, the decarbonisation process presented by the A2A Group to SBT envisages "a 46% reduction in direct emissions (Scope1) by 2030, compared to 2017. The objective is based on the development of new renewable capacity, on the optimization of the plants combined cycle gas and on the disposal and conversion of conventional coal and fuel oil plants".

Carbonsink renews its compliments for the excellent and important work carried out at the A2A Group, we are very happy to have accompanied A2A in this ambitious path, which once again testifies to the priority and central role that the private sector can play in mitigating climate change and in achieving the net-zero emissions target.

In the hope that a greater number of Italian companies will undertake a Climate Strategy in line with the scientific objectives defined by SBT, congratulations to the A2A Group, which has achieved another great result for its sustainability path.

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SBT officially approves the A2A decarbonisation target