CSR Event 2018: Carbonsink offset CO2 emissions of the speakers' trip

Carbonsink is proud to renew its commitment as a technical partner to the new edition of the CSR and social innovation exhibition, the annual event dedicated to sustainability, scheduled for October 2nd and 3rd in Milan.

As a technical partner Carbonsink will take care of the compensation of CO2 emissions generated by the trips made by the speakers to reach the CSR Exhibition, through a questionnaire to be submitted to all the speakers present at the event.

The impact quantification methodology is based on the ISO 14064-I standard. The calculation of the kilometres travelled by each vehicle, to reach the location of the event, will be carried out by Carbonsink through online mapping services. Once the total emissions relative to the transport of the speakers have been calculated (in Kg of CO2 eq.), These emissions are neutralized using certified carbon credits. These credits will be deleted from the public register in the name and on behalf of the speakers participating in the 2018 edition of the CSR Exhibition and social innovation.

For the occasion, Andrea Maggiani, CEO of Carbonsink, will take part in one of the events included in the cultural program of the Show, which will be held on Tuesday, October 2, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. In the appointment entitled "Responsible finance: 5 experiences in an hour" Carbonsink will talk about its experience in the field of Climate Finance and will discuss with other important organizations that have chosen to direct investments towards activities able to generate economic value and utility social.

Carbonsink enthusiastically renews its participation in the CSR Show, certain that events like this can really help our country to concretely deal with the issue of sustainability, to guide the transition towards a future that is as sustainable as possible.

CSR Event 2018: Carbonsink offset CO2 emissions of the speakers' trip