COP21 in Paris: Italian Climate Network and Carbonsink - Official UNFCCC Side Event

CarbonSink & Italian Climate Network are organising an official UNFCCC event at COP21 on the Paris climate: "Voluntary compensation: environmental and social benefits of the" FairCarbon "proposal Paris, Le Bourget - Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 3-4.30 pm

Andrea Maggiani, founder and CEO of Carbonsink: "Our side event will focus on the potential of the voluntary carbon credits market in Italy in order to propose possible guidelines. The development of this market will be analyzed both as a tool to introduce technologies and innovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to accelerate sustainable development on a local and global scale. During the event, case studies will be presented highlighting the social impacts and international collaborations of the "FairCarbon" projects, the first online platform for exchanging certified voluntary carbon credits in Italy."

The event will be held at the UN Conference on Climate Change (Paris, 30 Nov-11 Dec) and represents an historic opportunity to put the world on the right path to address the challenge of climate change with an international protocol that follows a new model of sustainable, durable and beneficial development for everyone.

Here is the event programming: 

3-3.05 pm | Welcome to the participants and introduction to the event

Federico Brocchieri, Italian Climate Network 

3.05-3.20 pm | The Potential of the Volunteer Market in Italy

Francesco La Camera, Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of Territory and Sea

3.20-3.40 pm | The FairCarbon projects

Andrea Maggiani, Carbonsink 

3.40-3.45 pm | How to mobilise climate finance to maximise its impact 

Sarah Leugers, Gold Standard

3.45-4 pm | Input from Stakeholders: Make Voluntary Market Functional to National Strategies

Stefano Caserini, Politecnico of Milan

Gloria Zavatta, EXPO 

Sophy Greenhalgh, ICROA 

 4-4.20 pm | Renewable technologies and carbon credits: the contrast to climate change in Nepal. - Research Perspectives and Capacity Building: SEED Programmes in Pakistan

Stefania Proietti, Ev-K2-CNR 

4.20-4.25 pm | Questions from the public

Paulo Lima (Viraçao) - first question

4.25-4.30 pm | Conclusions

Veronica Caciagli, Italian Climate Network

COP21 in Paris: Italian Climate Network and Carbonsink - Official UNFCCC Side Event