CDP 2020: online new scores on climate disclosure

December 9, 2020 - As every year, CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), the most important global disclosure system for managing the environmental impacts of the private sector, has published the scores relating to the 2020 reporting of the main companies.

2020 was certainly a difficult year, with the COVID 19 emergency that put the entire world to the test and actually accelerated the climate crisis; the pandemic has put further pressure on companies to disclose their environmental risks, and the CDP scores show how the private sector has shown growing and concrete environmental awareness.

The notes published yesterday by CDP show us an important increase in climate disclosure in the private sector: over 9,600 companies have engaged in disclosure through CDP - a record number compared to previous years - there is in fact an increase of 70 % with respect to the year of signature of the Paris Agreement; the participating companies to date represent over 50% of the global market capitalization.

Therefore, more and more companies are committed to adopting sustainable practices and aligning themselves with a broader reference framework for a global climate action, the one necessary to ensure that the net-zero emissions transition materializes.

This year 270 companies globally were included in CDP's "Climate Change A List". An unprecedented improvement also for Italian companies: the leading Italian excellences in climate disclosure rise to eight, in addition to Brembo S.p.A, Pirelli and ENEL: Leonardo, SNAM, Bper, ASTM and Iren Group.

Therefore, the need and desire of the private sector to obtain a leadership role in the fight against climate change, and to contribute to the decarbonisation necessary to limit the rise in global temperatures to below 1.5 ° C, emerges also in our country, this is demonstrated by the 17 Italian companies that this year obtained the A- score.

Carbonsink has been a partner company of CDP in Climate Change Reporting since 2017. As an accredited CDP partner in Italy, Carbonsink helps companies to improve the compilation of the CDP questionnaire, assessing the company's climate risk both at a strategic and operational level.

The objective is to facilitate the use of the CDP reporting system regardless of the level of preparation of the Company and to support the organization during the work of data collection and compilation of the questionnaire, at the same time facilitating all those activities useful for improving its strategy on the climate as well as its own CDP score.

Carbonsink has therefore decided to adopt different approaches and strategies according to the level of preparation of the company, also supporting and supporting all those companies that have never disclosed, helping them in the definition of an ad hoc climate strategy that allows to communicate the '' concrete commitment to climate change and to obtain a leadership position in non-financial reporting and sustainability indices.

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CDP 2020: online new scores on climate disclosure