Carbonsink webinar on climate risk assessment and management in the CDP 2020 WS Series

An appointment to talk about "How to evaluate and manage exposure to climate risks in order to know how to seize opportunities": this is the title of the Webinar organized by Carbonsink scheduled for Thursday 18 June (11.00-12.00), officially included in the CDP 2020 Workshop Series .

This year the international organization CDP, of which Carbonsink has been a partner for four years, has decided, given the difficult situation of the last few months and the cancellation of numerous initiatives and events, to rethink the CDP Annual Workshops in a digital key, to continue to provide a comparison on the main issues that characterize the climate action of the private sector, and to give everyone a strong signal of presence and continuity.

We are therefore very proud to take part in the initiative by organizing a webinar that will focus mainly on climate risks and opportunities. We will start from a global perspective on how environmental risks have gained relevance on the global agenda. So, we will continue with the operational side of how a company can assess and manage climate risks and opportunities. Finally, we will discuss how a company can take advantage of the CDP 2020 questionnaire aligned with the TCFD to learn best practices and incorporate them into the company's risk management processes.

In recent years, the issue of risks and opportunities inherent in the climate have assumed a central and indispensable role for climate action capable of supporting the transition to climate neutrality: in 2019, "climate change" emerged as one of the main risks issues highlighted by the Global Economic Forum Global Risks Report.

In this context, a correct assessment and management of climate risks can concretely help a company to understand what financial markets require, starting from reporting, in order to measure and react to the risks of climate change and align reporting with investors' needs .


CDP | Camilla Gori Engagement Officer

"The new global risks in a long-term perspective"
CARBONSINK | Rubens Bernascone Sales Manager

"Operational approach to climate risk management"
CARBONSINK | Daniele Carbonin Senior Consultant

"How to make use of the CDP framework to integrate climate risks into the corporate risk management process"
CARBONSINK | Blanca Moreno Climate Change Consultant

The webinar will be in Italian.

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Carbonsink webinar on climate risk assessment and management in the CDP 2020 WS Series