Carbonsink technical partner for the new edition of Salone della CSR

Carbonsink is proud to renew its participation, and its commitment as a technical partner in the 2020 edition of the CSR and social innovation exhibition, the annual event dedicated to the theme of sustainability, scheduled for 29 and 30 September.

This year's initiative, now in its eighth edition, will be as underlined by the organizers "a special edition, to meet the needs of a world that has found itself revisiting its certainties, rethinking its processes, rediscovering different ways of being in contact with nature and with others ".

Not knowing how the COVID situation will evolve in our country in the coming months, the CSR Show has foreseen three scenarios for the realization of the eighth edition:

Event with limited number of admissions
The Show will be accessible to the public with limited attendance and with compulsory registration. All safety regulations will be guaranteed. All events will be streamed.
Closed door event
The show will be open for speakers, organizers and technicians. All safety regulations will be respected All events will be streamed.
Digital event
The Show will take place exclusively in online mode, with a central direction that will deal with the management of the schedule and speakers and the public who will participate remotely.
In any case, it will therefore be an edition open to all and fully usable in streaming, with digital and interactive contents created starting from months; a new format to align with the new measures due to the COVID-19 emergency to which we are very happy to participate and contribute, we believe that in a moment like this it is essential to provide a comparison on the main issues that characterize the Climate Action to help build the future of sustainability, and to give a strong signal of presence and continuity.

For the occasion, Andrea Maggiani, Managing Director Carbonsink, will take part in one of the events included in the cultural program of the Salone, which will be held on Wednesday 30 September, from 12.00 to 13.30. In the event entitled "A low-carbon economy: critical issues and opportunities" Carbonsink will talk about his experience as a consultancy firm specializing in the development of mitigation strategies, and the tools available to the private sector to support the transition towards climate neutrality.

As technical partner, Carbonsink every year took care of offsetting the CO2 emissions generated by the trips made to reach the CSR Show, through a questionnaire to be submitted to all participants. Depending on the realization scenario chosen by the organizers, it will be our concern to rethink the questionnaire and the relative compensation.

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Carbonsink technical partner for the new edition of Salone della CSR