Carbonsink protagonist in the EIIS training course dedicated to Carbon Neutrality

Carbonsink is proud to take part in the Excutive Program dedicated to Carbon Neutrality organized by the European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (EIIS) in collaboration with Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) scheduled for January 21, 2021.

The course entitled "Towards Carbon Neutrality. Find out why it is convenient and how to become carbon neutral", which will take place in e-learning mode in January, was "designed for companies that want to broaden their knowledge on the subject of Carbon Neutrality with the intention of committing itself to achieving this goal, analyzing the successful carbon strategies of companies that have adopted a "market driven" approach on this front ".

EIIS is an institute of excellence which has the objective of studying and investigating issues related to innovation and sustainability. Through workshops, training courses, working groups, and much more, EIIS tries to train and update managers, and not only, to make them more aware of how a new business approach towards a more sustainable future can have a huge impact on their lives. , their business and our planet.

Within the course dedicated to Carbon Neutrality, which will last a total of 8 hours, the following topics will be covered:

What is meant by carbon neutrality, and why it has become central and strategic for the private sector
Guidelines for a correct measurement of own emissions
How to implement a successful carbon strategy
How emissions are offset
The topics covered will be the appointments within which the various issues will be discussed in detail. The lecturers of the course are national and international experts on the topic of Carbon Neutrality and sustainability.

Andrea Maggiani, CEO Carbonsink, will take part in the fourth appointment entitled "How are emissions offset? Meaning and methods of use of carbon credits", together with Massimo Marino Partner LCE. In particular, the Managing Director Carbonsink, as an expert in Carbon Management and Climate Finance, will be in charge of illustrating to the participants the importance of offsetting CO2 emissions through carbon credits, and how they are an internationally recognized tool. , and able to support the net-zero emissions transition. It will focus on how the credit system works and how a company can implement a mitigation project capable of generating them.

It is important that companies, and not only, understand that without the achievement of the net-zero emissions target, the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere will continue to rise, making it impossible to combat global warming and keep global temperatures below 1. , 5 ° C.

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Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash
Carbonsink protagonist in the EIIS training course dedicated to Carbon Neutrality