Carbonsink Project Developer for "ClimateSeed", the Carbon Offsetting Platform of BNP Paribas

Carbonsink is proud to be among the companies selected as Project Developers for the "ClimateSeed" platform developed by BNP Paribas Securities Services and presented during the Global Social Business Summit 2018.

BNP Paribas launched with the support of Grameen Creative Lab, the platform that helps companies around the world offset their CO2 emissions by contributing to the development of climate change mitigation projects that can generate carbon credits, and actively contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

BNP Paribas General Manager said that "the launch of ClimateSeed is part of the BNP Paribas commitment to encourage decarbonisation and the establishment of a Carbon Neutral economy, as well as supporting climate action, voluntary projects carbon offsets often help to bring greater prosperity and social inclusion into local communities.We are particularly proud that ClimateSeed has been credited as a social business".

Carbonsink, thanks to the ClimateSeed platform, can directly get in touch with companies that seek to offset their carbon emissions and contribute to the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations through the Climate Finance mechanism, thanks to the purchase of carbon credits deriving from the activities of project.

The voluntary carbon market, precisely because it is becoming a strategic tool for companies that want to establish a leadership role in the fight against Climate Change, must guarantee transparency and traceability of transactions, which must be constantly monitored by an external verification system.

ClimateSeed was born with the aim of increasing the transparency, safety and efficiency of the voluntary carbon market. To this end, ClimateSeed performs a three-level verification process on each project promoted on its platform, including certification checks by an internationally recognized Standard, due diligence on the project developer and project analysis from part of a sustainability committee.

For Carbonsink, being part of this initiative is a source of great pride, which confirms the high quality of the projects certified by the most important and recognized international standards (Gold Standard, Clean Development Mechanism, Verified Carbon Standard) and the active contribution to improving the conditions of life of local communities ensuring social, economic and environmental benefits on a global scale.

Carbonsink Project Developer for "ClimateSeed", the Carbon Offsetting Platform of BNP Paribas