Carbonsink present at the Webinar dedicated to climate change for Nedcommunity members

Carbonsink will be present at the Webinar "Climate change: scenario analysis and strategic planning", scheduled for Thursday 29 October (11.00-12.30). The webinar dedicated to climate change is part of the series of courses and events on corporate governance organized by Nedcommunity and Chapter Zero Italy and reserved for its members.

Carbonsink's speech at the Webinar will be handled by Managing Director Andrea Maggiani, who will show, through Carbonsink's experience as a consultancy firm specialized in climate strategy, the importance of defining scenario analysis, as a useful tool both to understand the strategic implications of climate-related risks and opportunities and to inform stakeholders on how a company positions itself in the light of the risks and opportunities identified.

The scenario analysis applied to the context of "climate change" is a tool to stimulate the company to develop a long-term strategic vision that considers the risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

Nedcommunity, the Italian association of non-executive and independent directors, members of corporate governance and control bodies, has the main objective of creating a corporate governance culture capable of enhancing the role of directors.

Chapter Zero Italy is in fact made up of Directors of Italian companies, associated with Nedcommunity, engaged in the study, discussion and sharing of risks and opportunities deriving from climate change.

Chapter Zero Italy is also the Italian chapter of the Climate Governance Initiative of the World Economic Forum and, as such, supports the Directors in applying these principles. Chapter Zero Italy collaborates with the chapters of the countries to achieve the governance objectives of climate change according to the principles of the World Economic Forum.
















































Photo by NOAA on Unsplash
Carbonsink present at the Webinar dedicated to climate change for Nedcommunity members