Carbonsink CDP Partner for the sixth consecutive year

December 10, 2021 - Carbonsink is confirmed as CDP Accredited Solutions Provider for the sixth consecutive year and also this year will be the only "CDP Silver Partner" to offer SBT services in Italy thanks to the collaboration with CDP in the Science Based Target area.

"The renewal of Carbonsink as a CDP accredited solution provider for climate change and SBT services in Italy is a sign of the commitment and expertise of the Carbonsink team in addressing these important issues. They are confirmed as a key solution provider to support Italian businesses in developing climate strategies in line with science and addressing the challenges and opportunities related to climate change" Paul Robins, CDP Head of Partnership.

Since 2017 Carbonsink is "Silver Climate Change Consultancy Solutions Providers" and offers to Italian companies an important range of services on the main issues related to sustainability to support them in an effective and long term climate action and in their decarbonization path.

Since last year, Carbonsink has decided to strengthen its collaboration with CDP with the main objective of supporting Italian companies in the definition of science-based targets, helping them to understand and familiarize with the criteria established by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) applied to their own sector and business context. Carbonsink, in its first year as a CDP Partner to offer SBT services in Italy, managed to achieve more than 10 targets approved by SBTi confirming its commitment to support companies in all phases of their climate strategy towards net-zero.

"I am delighted that Carbonsink has renewed as an accredited CDP partner to offer SBT SBT services in Italy. Their expertise will be of great value to companies seeking to align their business models with a 1.5°C economy.Alberto Carrillo Pineda, Director Science Based Targets, CDP.



CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) is the global disclosure system for managing the environmental impacts of the private sector, the most important and widely used reporting system that can provide environmental information and data to investors and the market. CDP questionnaires help the private sector effectively communicate its strategies for measuring emissions and managing the risks and opportunities associated with the effects of climate change.

Science-Based Target initiative

SBTi is a collaborative initiative between CDP, UNGC, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and WWF to verify the alignment of corporate decarbonization targets with the Paris Agreement (COP21).

SBTi was created with the intent to guide companies in setting ambitious climate change mitigation targets to ensure their strategy is in line with scientific objectives.

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Carbonsink CDP Partner for the sixth consecutive year