Carbonsink at the LifeEnerji side-event at COP25

Carbonsink is proud to take part in the "Compliance Market" side event, scheduled for December 9th from 11.00 am to 1.30 pm at the Turkish Pavilion, organized by LifeEnerji, a Turkish consultancy company specializing in climate change mitigation, thanks to decades of experience in the voluntary carbon market and in the renewable energy market.

This session was designed to discuss the status of global trading emissions. During the session, various players in the carbon sector will share their ideas and experiences on the design and implementation of a successful Compliance Market.

If we consider recently the fact that Turkey is implementing the second phase of the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) project, the session could also contribute to conducting ETS discussions in the country.

In particular, Andrea Maggiani, Carbonsink Managing Director, invited to take part in the event, will dedicate his speech "Carbon Pricing: Strategic Tool for Companies" to developments and the role of carbon pricing in the private sector, as an indispensable tool to manage the carbon risks of climate change and push the business to shift investments towards net-zero emissions options.

Carbonsink, as a leading consultancy company specializing in climate change mitigation strategies, has accepted the invitation from LifeEnerji, confident that carbon pricing should be considered one of the best tools to address the risks and opportunities associated with climate change; become an essential part of a strategy that aims to combat climate change, mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.


ICAP/ adelphi 

  • Speaker: Ms. Stephanie La Hoz Theuer / Senior Project Manager
  • Title of the speech: Future interactions between Voluntary Carbon Market and Emission Trading Schemes

South Pole

  • Speaker: Mr. Renat Heuberger/ CEO
  • Title of the speech: Harmonizing Two Carbon Markets

Vertis Environmental Finance

  • Speaker: Ms. Bernadett Papp / Senior Carbon Market Analyst
  • Title of the speech: Linking of Different ETS systems

Redshaw Advisors

  • Speaker: Mr. Louis Redshaw/ CEO
  • Title of the speech: The EU ETS in Operation


  • Speaker: Mr. Andrea Maggiani / Managing Director
  • Title of the speech: Carbon Pricing: Strategic Tool for Companies

Facilitator: Mr. Oğuz Tosun / Assistant Expert/ LifeEnerji

We thank Oğuz Tosun and LifeEnerji for the precious opportunity.

Carbonsink at the LifeEnerji side-event at COP25