Carbonsink at the Climate Bonds Initiative Annual Conference

The Green bond conference organised by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) in London over 3 days (5-7 March) was highly attended. Not only by the numbers of attendees (over 850 registered) but most impressively by the high profile attending.

For the first time, it seems that something has changed. Climate Change issues the human species is facing is not gathering idealist that dream to leave in a "better world" or environmentalist wishing to stringed tighter rules, but financial institution to understand better the risks and opportunities they face and make resilient and safe investments considering the changing legislations. The conference occurring in London, the European financial hub (unless Brexit consequences decide otherwise).

The opening speech from CEO Sean Kidney was truly inspiring, creating the urgency required to reach the Paris Agreement by 2030 and European Commission objectives to have Net Zero Emission economy by 2050. The various contributions, from policy maker, major investment funds and asset manager showed that there is still massive amount of work to be done as green bond only represent a drop in the ocean, however considering the momentum of the last couple years and the ever-increasing demand for sustainable investments is not showing signs of fading away. Green bonds are still very “European” despite China and US occupying the top spots, this is where the true potential is due to the strong capitalisation of the US and Asian markets.

Two statistics of importance show the immensity of the task ahead of us to make sustainable investment mainstream:

  • a study showed that in 2018 only 10% of investors were aware of the TCFD recommendations
  • CBI ambitions is to reach the $1 trillion mark ($1,000b) in 2019 where the overall capital market is over $1,000 trillion which makes green bond represent only 0.1%

We are in a transitional time that in human being history we have never experienced, even the industrial revolution was not such an evolving period, and at Carbonsink we are truly excited to be part of it as a CBI partner.

Join us, join the Green force!

Vincent Reulet, Head of Advisory Services Carbonsink

Carbonsink at the Climate Bonds Initiative Annual Conference