Carbonsink at the Certiquality Webinar dedicated to the New Green Deal

An appointment to talk about "New Green Deal: the context, the possible development in Italy and a focus on Carbon Footprint and Carbon Neutrality": this is the title of the Webinar organized by Certiquality scheduled for Thursday 21 May (14.30-16.30).

Carbonsink will take part in the Webinar with two speeches dedicated in particular to Carbon Neutrality and the net-zero emissions strategy of the private sector, the two speeches will be by Guido Alfani General Manager Carbonsink and Rubens Bernascone Sales Manager Carbonsink.

"The sustainable environmental revolution, promoted by the European Union with the aim of promoting the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean and circular economy, has just begun, and its launch needs a strong acceleration also in relation to the current pandemic crisis. Italy in particular needs a new strategy for growth that promotes actions to mitigate the impact on climate change and transforms our economy into a modern, circular and efficient economy "

Carbonsink has decided to address two issues that have become fundamental for a concrete fight against changes, arguing that the transition towards a sustainable economic model and towards the so-called climate neutrality are also the key to a concrete restart after the COVID emergency19.

Agenda and contents:

  • The roadmap of the New Green Deal to make the Italian economy sustainable
  • The tools available and introduction to the Circular Economy indicators
  • The main private sector initiatives to align and communicate strategies on the path to Net Zero Emission
  • The quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and their removal from an organization
  • The climate footprint of products (Carbon footprint of products)
  • The UNI ISO 14064-1 and UNI EN ISO 14067 standards to implement environmental sustainability strategies
  • Approaches and tools for companies to achieve the goal of Carbon Neutrality


Claudia Gistri, Sabrina Melandri | Certiquality

Irma Cavallotti | ICA - Ingegneria chimica per l'Ambiente

Guido Alfani, Rubens Bernascone | Carbonsink

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Carbonsink at the Certiquality Webinar dedicated to the New Green Deal