Carbonsink at Climate Innovation Summit 2018 in Dublin

Carbonsink is proud to participate in the Climate Innovation Summit scheduled for 6-8 November in Dublin, the important world summit dedicated to sustainable finance, an essential tool to accelerate climate action and make progress on risks and opportunities associated with changes climate.

The Climate Innovation Summit is the only event in Europe that brings together business leaders, industry professionals, policy makers, entrepreneurs and key players in the financial system to share skills and new practices, through capacity building master classes, in-depth workshops and networking, to create concrete opportunities for an effective Climate Action.

New business models, investment methods, accounting and reporting are essential for climate change action. But they can realize their potential only if they are combined with efforts in the most important sectors of our economies, such as agriculture, construction, energy, industry and transport.

During the Summit, on Wednesday 7 November, Carbonsink will be part of the 8 companies selected for the "Climate Finance Incubator Competition", and will have the opportunity to present an innovative tool for climate impact investment in line with the objectives of sustainable development. enshrined in the UN Agenda 2030.

Carbonsink decided to take the event precisely because it believes that the Climate Finance or all the funding, from both public and private sources, destined to the development of projects and programs for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, are essential to encourage the transition to the so-called Climate Neutrality and towards sustainable development.

The Climate Innovation Summit is organized by Climate KIC, the competition to which Carbonsink will take part is organized by Climate KIC, the International Climate Finance Accelerator Luxembourg (ICFA) and Convergence - The Global Network for Blended Finance.


Carbonsink at Climate Innovation Summit 2018 in Dublin