Carbonsink at Azimut Libera Impresa Expo

Carbonsink is proud to take part in the panel "Growth opportunities in developing countries for SMEs" scheduled on October 30 at 12.30 at Rho Fiera - Milan, on the occasion of "Azimut Free Enterprise Expo - Where to meet the real economy", the initiative by the Azimut Group which has become one of the most important events in Italy dedicated to the world of disintermediate finance for the startup and ecosystem of startups.

Andrea Maggiani, Carbonsink Managing Director, will take part in the panel together with UNIDO ITPO Italy, CNH Industrial, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Etimos, with the aim of bringing out experiences and points of view of the private and institutional world in relation to sustainable investments in developing countries , in view of the new paradigm of economic, environmental and social sustainability as an incremental value for the corporate business and investment strategies, in line with what the United Nations 2030 Agenda advocates.

For Carbonsink it is a great opportunity to participate in the interesting 2 days of conferences and workshops in which the panel is inserted, an event that will have over 10,000 presences between entrepreneurs and freelancers, facilitating networking and relations around the themes of the real economy, of the innovation and development of the country system.


Intro and Moderation
Andrea Carapellese, UNIDO ITPO Italy & Elisabetta Castellazzi, Azimut

Diana Battaggia
Direttore, UNIDO ITPO Italy

Gianluca Marchesini
Product Specialist, Azimut

Antonella Baldino (tbc)
Direttore Cooperazione Internazionale allo Sviluppo, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

Andrea Maggiani
Amministratore Delegato, Carbonsink

Daniela Ropolo
Responsabile Iniziative di Sostenibilità, CNH

Davide Libralesso
Responsabile Programmi e Relazioni internazionali, Etimos


Carbonsink at  Azimut Libera Impresa Expo