Carbonsink among the signatories of the Manifesto "A new Green Deal for Italy"

"The world of Italian companies, heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, is taking an initiative to relaunch the economy in a green key. In fact, over 110 representatives of important companies and business organizations have signed the Manifesto 'Exit from pandemic with a new Green Deal for Italy '".

Andrea Maggiani, Managing Director Carbonsink, signed the Manifesto arguing that the transition to a sustainable economic model and to the so-called climate neutrality are the key to a concrete restart after the COVID19 emergency. Carbonsink is proud to have signed the Manifesto, confident that Carbon Neutrality remains a firm and strategic point in our country's Recovery Plan.

In fact, the Manifesto, as stated in the launch press release on May 7, intervenes in the ongoing debate, at national and European level, on measures to revive the economy, heavily affected by the pandemic from COVID19, urging a development project to height of the challenges of our era.

The Manifesto with the first 110 signatories, now increased with new businesses and networks, will also be sent to the Government and to the majority and opposition Parliamentarians, as well as to representatives of the European Institutions, to ensure that a new Green Deal is truly the way innovative to go for the rebirth of Italy.

Manifesto - "Exit the pandemic with a new Green Deal for Italy"
The new coronavirus pandemic, which is upsetting the habits and ways of life of billions of people causing numerous victims and significant economic damage, has shown how vulnerable we are, how much we need to be more prepared and resilient in the face of similar risks: in others parole taught us to take better care of our future.

We believe that in order to face a destructive crisis like this and open concrete possibilities for a better future, far-reaching innovative policies and measures are needed: a public intervention - national and European - of dimensions never seen before and an extraordinary commitment of citizens and businesses . All this is possible only on condition that we have adequate awareness, a shared vision, clear choices for a development project that meets the challenges of our time.

As we respond to the emergency, by implementing the necessary measures to make our societies, our health systems and our economy more resilient to pandemics, we must not allow other threats to grow for our future: first of all the great climate crisis, fueled by a linear economy model with high consumption of fossil energy and waste of natural resources. The extraordinary effort that is required of us must focus on a sustainable development project, capable of ensuring greater employment, a more extensive and equally distributed well-being, which can only be based on a decarbonised and circular economy.

The European Recovery Plan - which aims to activate substantial EU funding with a more active role of the European Investment Bank, with an increase in the European budget, with new common financial instruments capable of collecting also additional resources from the market - should, in the new and much more serious conditions generated by the pandemic, to re-establish and relaunch, with a new Green Deal, the ambitious European project for an advanced, decarbonised and circular economy.

We are convinced that a new Green Deal is the way forward for a stronger and longer-lasting recovery because it enhances Italy's best potential: those linked to quality production, increasingly greener, inseparable from changes towards decarbonisation and circularity of models production, distribution and consumption; those in which it has reached levels of excellence, such as waste recycling, a pillar of the circular economy, energy efficiency and strategic renewable energy sources in the energy transition towards a climate neutral economy; those of our model of sustainable agriculture, necessary for food security, and of the other activities of the regenerative bioeconomy capable of revitalizing marginal areas and brownfield sites; those of the cities, to be relaunched with a vast urban regeneration program in a green key; those of the important natural capital, necessary for numerous ecosystem services and for the revitalization of various economic activities such as tourism; those of the transition with low emissions and with alternative fuels towards decarbonised, electric and shared mobility; those of digital innovation, which can help improve work, study and care for our health by reducing our ecological footprint.

The stimulus packages to the economy must not increase greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts, transferring further costs to our future.


Carbonsink among the signatories of the Manifesto "A new Green Deal for Italy"