Carbonsink among the signatories of the Appeal for the climate from private sector

"If not now, when? It's time for choices and responsibility! We ask that, in order to reach the shared goal of contrasting the serious climate crisis in progress, credible and therefore adequately financed measures are adopted", are the requests made by over 100 Italian companies that have decided to adhere to the appeal launched by the Sustainable Development Foundation and which follows the Manifesto for a green deal, signed last June by 110 representatives from the business world.

The Carbonsink Managing Director, Andrea Maggiani, among the signatories of the appeal addressed to the Italian parliamentarians, to the Italian representatives in the European Parliament and to the members of the Italian government, launched in recent days by the Sustainable Development Foundation to make European investments more ambitious and adequate to challenge of an ecological and climatic transition.

"We aim - said Edo Ronchi, President of the Foundation for Sustainable Development - to have a good plan for recovery, therefore to avoid spending on the one hand to protect the climate and the environment and, on the other, to finance, with European resources, also measures that damage the climate and the environment.

Making European investments fit for the challenge of an ecological, climatic and socially sustainable transition
Dear members of the European Parliament, representatives of the Italian government and parliamentarians,

The transition to an environmentally sustainable and climate neutral economy represents an epochal challenge that will change the energy system and our production and consumption patterns in all sectors. The stimulus packages for the recovery from the recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, as reiterated at the European level, must dedicate an adequate part of the funding to the significant investments necessary for the transition to carbon neutrality and must not damage the climate and the environment .

For this reason, in view of the negotiation of the final version of the post Covid European recovery package, scheduled for November, we ask you to support that the European proposals for the climate and the environment are made more incisive:

Climate ambition: to raise the investment share of the Recovery and Resilience Facility - the most important financing instrument of the Next Generation EU package - from 37% to 50%, destined for climate-friendly projects, both to achieve a 55% cut in emissions by 2030 and focus on climate neutrality by 2050 which to help mobilize the 350 billion euros per year of investments for climate and energy at European level, estimated by the European Commission;
Climate criteria for investments: adopt a clear methodology to recognize climate-friendly investments, such as that defined by Regulation 2020/852 for the “Taxonomy for sustainable finance”;
An "exclusion list": introducing a list of economic activities that cannot access the Recovery and Resilience Fund funding because they are incompatible with the 2030 emissions cut and with the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.









Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash
Carbonsink among the signatories of the Appeal for the climate from private sector