Carbonsink among the protagonists of "Unlocking Responsible Luxury: Manifesto 2019"

Carbonsink is proud to have contributed to the creation of "Unlocking Responsible Luxury: The Manifesto 2019", the official result of a study by the Sustainable Luxury Academy, an observatory research project conducted by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with Mazars.

"Unlocking Responsible Luxury: The Manifesto 2019" was presented during the Responsible Luxury Summit 2019 initiative, Carbonsink collaborated in drafting the Report with a contribution, edited by Vincent Reulet Head of Advisory Carbonsink, dedicated to the real steps that fashion companies they must support the transition to a business model that is as sustainable as possible.

The Manifesto illustrates a clear roadmap through 11 principles of environmental and social responsibility to be integrated into the supply networks of fashion companies.

The fashion industry contributes about 10% of global emissions of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, due to long supply chains and energy-intensive production. This sector today consumes more energy than aviation and shipping combined.

The practices of change in the fashion sector to reduce carbon emissions are therefore fundamental to limit the heating foreseen by the objectives of the Paris agreement on climate change.

For a long, long time, the consequences of the fashion business on the environment and on people around the world have been ignored, the time has come for the fashion industry to establish a predominant role in achieving Carbon Neutrality.

The Carbonsink contribution in the Report aims to provide companies with a guide with concrete and credible steps to support the transition to a net-zero emissions economy taking into account the company's values, mission and sustainability objectives.


Carbonsink among the protagonists of "Unlocking Responsible Luxury: Manifesto 2019"