Article 6 Paris Agreement and the sustainable development of African countries

In the interesting contribution published by IETA, edited by Mandy Rambharos (Eskom), we examine how Article 6 can fuel sustainable development in Africa - a topic of great relevance and in conjunction with the upcoming African Climate Week which will take place April in Ghana. 

The African Union Agenda 2063, the strategic framework for socio-economic and continent transformation over the next 50 years, stated that the means to achieve growth and sustainable development are cooperation at national, regional and international level.

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement suggests precisely this type of cooperation as an indispensable means of promoting sustainable development in African countries.

Although some African countries have experienced economic growth in recent years, international investments tend to decline in most countries. The lack of economic growth has strongly slowed job creation, leading to a very high percentage of unemployment. Furthermore, access to sustainable energy remains one of the biggest challenges.

The highest aspiration of Article 6 is undoubtedly cooperation, precisely because it is capable of supporting a greater ambition in mitigation and adaptation actions and promoting sustainable development and environmental integrity.

The ambitions and goals are surprising, but cannot be achieved until Article 6 is operational.


Article 6 to ensure environmental integrity

Article 6 remains in fact one of the "defeats" of the last COP held in December in Poland, where international leaders failed to find a common line on the mechanisms that will regulate the Carbon Market and the carbon credits generated by the new mechanisms .

Article 6 is the article of the Paris Agreement which must define the package of rules for an International Carbon Market and for new market mechanisms. This is an article of fundamental importance for the participation of the private world in the objectives defined by the Paris Agreement and for international cooperation.

All then postponed to COP25, which will be held in Chile at the end of 2019, in the hope that we can really celebrate the success of the negotiations with the rules of Article 6 finally approved.

Article 6 Paris Agreement and the sustainable development of African countries