Climate Mitigation Projects

Carbonsink has several years’ experience to work with different local and international partners (NGOs and private companies) to develop and certificate projects under the main international carbon standards.

The Carbonsink’s core business is:

Design and implementation of sustainable development projects able to generate carbon credits on the regulated market (CERs) and voluntary (VERs) in accordance with the highest international standards;

Support for the design and implementation of project initiatives in developing countries in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, forestry, sustainable agriculture, waste management and are bringing in addition to the climate change mitigation support of reaching the SDGs.

Following the needs of its clients, Carbonsink’s core projects are mainly located in Africa and Latin America.

Renewable Energy:

Bolivia - Mauritius - Nambia

Nature-based Solutions:

Mozambico- Perù - Senegal - Tanzania

Community-based Project:

Burundi - Etiopia - Madagascar - Mozambico - Ruanda - Senegal - Uganda

Carbonsink is a pioneer in Italy in regards to carbon credits project developer, thanks to the certification of the most recognized international standards:

GS (Gold Standard): A best practice methodology and a high-quality carbon credit label for both Kyoto and voluntary markets.

VERRA (VCS): standard globale e programma per l'approvazione delle compensazioni volontarie.

CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) allows emission-reduction projects implemented in developing countries to generate/certificate certified emission reduction (CER) credits.

Gold Standard - Climate Security & Sustainable Development
VCS -  Vineyard Conservation Society
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

The mission is to support companies, public organization and no profit entities in design a long term carbon strategy to reach their sustainability targets through innovative products and solutions as well as premium emission reduction projects.

International Projects
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Fight against deforestation and protection of biodiversity in Tanzania

Carbonsink has supported a REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) project which is being implemented in Western Tanzania. The general objective of the project is to involve and support local communities...


Water is Life: the construction and safety of wells in Madagascar

Most of the local populations of Madagascar do not yet have direct access to drinking water, the correct and safe management of water resources can improve the hygiene, social and economic conditions of the...


Solar power plant for Namibia's energy self-sufficiency

Carbonsink thanks to the collaboration with local partners has become part of a Renewable Energy project in Namibia. The project involves the construction of a solar power plant near Aussenkehr, on the banks...


Access to energy and environmental protection in Ethiopia

The project that envisages the distribution of efficient stoves for domestic use for around 20,000 families in the Oromia region, in southern Ethiopia, was developed in collaboration with COOPI, an Italian NGO that operates...


Solar energy for direct and safe access to drinking water

The project involving the construction of wells for the supply of drinking water in the Bale area of the Oromia region, in Ethiopia, was developed by COOPI, an Italian NGO operating in contexts characterized...


New water supply systems for sustainable development

The "Borehole 'Antonio Giaffreda' Project, Senegal" was developed by Energia per lo Sviluppo (EPS), an Italian association that works for the preparation and implementation of international solidarity projects through the installation of technological systems...


Piretro: a natural insecticide for new climate neutral products

Endura SPA, Italy's leading manufacturer of home-based insecticide ingredients, in collaboration with Carbonsink has developed an innovative project on the pyrethrum chain. The aim of the project is to reduce the risks associated with the...


Turmeric and ginger: Bio-low-growth climate impact

F & F Europe srl is a company specializing in the import and marketing of organic products for over a decade. Its focus on natural products and the environment makes it today the Italian leader...


New supply chain to fight deforestation

MacsInMoz is a Mozambican company operating in the province of Chimoio, specialized in high value added agricultural products for international markets (North Europe markets), including macadamia, avocado and lychees. Carbonsink, in collaboration with MacsInMoz, is...


Infrastructures for water and cocoa production

Cocoa Trinitario production is one of the main sources of farmers' income in the rural areas of Ambanja, Madagascar, and its production is constantly threatened by the effects of climate change and water scarcity. Access...


Climate Finance for Urban Development

The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) is an international financial institution set up by Nordic governments in 1990. In cooperation with Carbonsink and AVSI, NEFCO launched Mozambique's first urban development and energy efficiency program for...


Renewable energy in the Bolivian Andes

SDB (Servicios de Desarrollo de Bolivia) SA is a local company that provides access to clean energy from renewable sources in the rural areas of the Bolivian Andes. Carbonsink is working specifically on the Gold...