Turmeric and ginger: Bio-low-growth climate impact

F & F Europe srl is a company specializing in the import and marketing of organic products for over a decade. Its focus on natural products and the environment makes it today the Italian leader for organic exotic products (banana, ginger, turmeric, etc.) and Fairtrade. Together with Carbonsink, started an ambitious project to track and map the climatic impact of all the supply chains, ranging from agricultural phases to large Italian and European distribution retailers.

Turmeric and ginger are species grown in tropical and subtropical areas and are mostly used as food spices. In Peru, production is developed at the edge of the Montana forest in a sustainable and efficient way, thanks to hot temperatures and rainfall.

However, the effects of climate change and deforestation are endangering these crops, with devastating consequences for small local producers, such as the ‘La Campiña cooperative’, which exports products to Europe and the United States.

For this reason, Carbonsink is working to track greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain, with the ultimate aim of safeguarding producers and the extremely delicate environmental context in which they are located, helping - at the same time - developing crops to be completely (100%) sustainable.

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Turmeric and ginger: Bio-low-growth climate impact