Solar power plant for Namibia's energy self-sufficiency

Carbonsink thanks to the collaboration with local partners has become part of a Renewable Energy project in Namibia.

The project involves the construction of a solar power plant near Aussenkehr, on the banks of the Orange River, in the Karasburg district of Namibia, on the border with South Africa.

Thanks to almost 20,000 solar panels capable of generating clean and renewable energy, concrete economic and political help is provided to Namibia by reducing dependence on energy imports and contributing to the country's energy self-sufficiency; the project also provides for a substantial reduction of GHGs, in particular CO2, through the replacement of fossil fuel plants.

In addition to the reduction of CO2 emissions, and the consequent mitigation of climate change, the project is able to guarantee economic and social benefits for the local population, in particular thanks to the construction of the solar power plant, new job opportunities have been created.

The generation of (renewable) energy contributes to the improvement of the life and livelihoods of the population of Namibia and to the industrialization of the country, in addition to the stated national goal of a 70% share of renewable energy in the energy mix within 2030.

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Solar power plant for Namibia's energy self-sufficiency