Renewable energy in the Bolivian Andes

SDB (Servicios de Desarrollo de Bolivia) SA is a local company that provides access to clean energy from renewable sources in the rural areas of the Bolivian Andes. Carbonsink is working specifically on the Gold Standard certification of the two hydroelectric power plants under construction.

Mini / Hydro is a 4MW hydroelectric project implemented by Bolivian company SDAR SA (focused on the social and human development in the country) in Cochabamba’s district (Bolivian Andes) supported by Italian NGO COOPI (COOPerazion Internazionale) Foundation and Carbonsink .

In Bolivia, most of the electricity is fossil fuels based. The low price of such fuels discourages the construction of renewable energy plants, despite the high hydroelectric potential of the Bolivian territory due to the presence of the Andean mountains.

The main purpose of the project is the production of renewable electricity for local use and distribution outside the community. This will save the emission of circa. 7,000 tons of CO2 annually in the atmosphere, with a major benefit on mitigating climate change.

The project will be certified Gold Standard for access to climate finance, whose revenue will be used for social and educational activities to support the development of the Kami rural area (mostly inhabited by miners and farmers) which is currently facing poverty and unemployment issues.

The construction of the plant - an epic enterprise considering the geographic and economic difficulties - documents how the relationship between businesses, non for profit organizations and institutions is possible in support to social entrepreneurship project serving the local communities.

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Renewable energy in the Bolivian Andes