New supply chain to fight deforestation

MacsInMoz is a Mozambican company operating in the province of Chimoio, specialized in high value added agricultural products for international markets (North Europe markets), including macadamia, avocado and lychees. Carbonsink, in collaboration with MacsInMoz, is developing an agroforestry project with the aim of reducing the effects of deforestation and create a solid basis for access to climate finance tools.

Carbonsink is actively involved in combating deforestation and its impact on climate change. In developing countries, indiscriminate exploitation of wooded areas results in dramatic depletion of the soil, resulting in loss of biodiversity and soil erosion due to the lack of trees exposing the land to extreme climatic events; which make it unproductive.

The project, promotes the recovery of deforested and abandoned areas by planting new trees, contributing to mitigating the effects of climate change and promoting the emergence of low impact and high resilience supply chain.

Production, destined for European markets, is being pursued using smart agriculture climate techniques. The selected tree species (macadamia, avocado and lychees) are particularly suitable for CO2 absorption, which is calculated and certified with the VCS carbon market standard, ensuring a clear and recognized benefit indicator for climate change.

The activities are implemented by employing only local labour, engaged in nurseries, for cultivating and harvesting operations. Local communities are devoted to training courses for the creation of Community fields for cereal crops. It is also planned to rehabilitate wells for drinking water in the adjacent areas.

To complete the project, an intense awareness campaign, aimed at reducing the size and burning practices and encouraging the adoption of sustainable cultivation practices, ran wider than the intervention area.

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New supply chain to fight deforestation